Your Website Expectations May Exceed Reality

Websmart Solutions-Lead or get left behindI have had the privilege of working with some great clients lately and I always try and explain to them at our initial meeting, what can be done with their websites and positioning online, and what cannot be controlled. ( ie I don’t own Google so I cannot tell Google what to do) I also discuss with them that the goal is getting new traffic to their websites and having these new visitors ‘convert’ or actually take action once on the site. This develops new leads and potential business. Notice I said ‘potential business”…we will discuss this later.

Reality is that clients have diverse businesses and different ‘niche’ products and services. If you know what you are doing in web development and SEO, it is not difficult to attain first page search results in Google and the other search engines. I also use diversified techniques outside of just the website in order to get my clients found online. Video works extremely well as well as blogs, portal sites and social media placements.

Here is the dilemma…even though your traffic to your website increases, your web presence is improved ( I have one client with 3 top 10 positions on the first page of Google for the same search term) , if your product or service is not known or does not have a large buying market, you will not convert very much. The market right now is not the same as it was 3 or so years ago. What people bought or invested in then may have half as many buying now. It is imperative that you have a great web presence to capture the leads that are out there as competition is fierce. (Over 75% of people search online for services and products vs. using the phone book or other hard copy advertising) On a side note… If your business does not have a website or your website doesn’t generate traffic or leads, you need to get going now or get left behind.

OK, so I have been rambling a bit so I will laser focus for you and wrap up. You need good, qualified traffic to your website that actually does something when they visit. Visitors should buy something, sign up for your newsletter, ‘like’ you on Facebook, contact you. For this to happen you need to be on the first page of the search engines so you will even been considered. You also need great , strategic placements on your website called conversion or ‘call to action’. Not having these will only give you bragging rights for visitors to your website but little or no business.

Now the last point…remember I said potential business in the opening paragraph? I meant ‘potential’ if you as a business owner do not follow up on the leads or worse yet, you suck at sales and treat new leads as a ‘inconvenience’ you will starve and go out of business. My goal is always to get new eyeballs to clients site and entice them to take action or convert. What you do with them after that is your reality. As a business consultant, I have been blessed with wisdom that I have gleaned by having successful businesses online and learning the hard way how to treat new leads. This gives me an advantage as I can teach my clients how to deals with new contacts. My point…understand the reality of online marketing and get help with converting new clients to customers. It is an investment that will pay dividends.

Thanks for reading and I will discuss in my next post, how to increase your business by up to 30%, just through your existing customers.

To your business success,

Larry J Clark

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